agents of change

network for positive change in organisations

You spend most of your time at work. We believe your workplace is the best place to develop your potential and at the same time reshape the world. You probably have good ideas on how to improve your organisation, make your work more meaningful and create a positive culture for everybody.


And yet… a lot is needed for true change. As a result, you only use a fraction of the potential within your organisation and within yourself. Do you wish to make your workplace more meaningful? We help you build the capacity to change your own environment.

The Agents of Change network is a safe learning environment for people who wish to make a positive impact at their workplace. It is a network filled with encouragement and collaboration where you can build your capacity to contribute to meaningful change in organisations.

The atmosphere of the network is characterised by growing friendship, a humble posture of learning, generosity, service, mutual support and striving for excellence.

What does this look like?
You can join one of the groups in the Netherlands, El Salvador or Switzerland. We expect other groups to start in other parts of Europe. A group consists of at least five people but often grows to fitteen or more.

friendship is
the foundation of
all social actions

A group meets at least six times per year: three study sessions and three reflection sessions. Sessions are planned at the end of your working day and include a meal. The content of the study and reflection sessions will be prepared by Dates and locations are planned per year. There is one annual meeting for all the Agents of Change groups.

We asked Elwyn Ko, one of the members of our agents of change network, what he gains from the network. this is what he had to say:

“Agents of Change is not a business network. It’s not about how to get more customers or establish warm contacts. To me, Agents of Change is a network for personal growth. We talk about culture. We exchange views on how to make your company more open. And how to build trust.”

“One of the things I applied in my own organisation is the concept of meaningful conversations. These moments make our team stronger. It creates a team with a joint vision of the future. Of course, making a profit is the goal of our company. But not only economically, but also on the level of society and sustainability.”

Agents of Change network membership
Are you interested in joining the Agents of Change network? Visit our events page to find the next meeting in your area. Guests are always welcome. After the first visit, you can choose to become a member.

Learn together, make work more meaningful.

We would like many people to participate, so we try to keep the costs as low as possible. The fee for participating in our programme differs per country. We have prices for ‘business subscriptions’, ‘individuals‘ and ‘students‘.