Massimiliano Binci

Max Binci - Agents of Change

Massimiliano is facilitator of the Agents of Change in Geneva. He is passionate about promoting meaningful discussions on constructive change in the workplace and building communities of diverse people that want to contribute to a common goal.

He currently serves as a structural engineer and project manager of international construction projects. He firmly believes that the success of any work or endeavour is not solely reflected by the physical outcome but also by the fruitful collaboration and the positive relationships that have been established along the process.

He has greatly benefited from the humbling and uplifting experience of co-learning and collaborating with other self-motivated individuals of the community. These themes are among the core values of and the persistent focus of the Agent of Change program.

He intends to develop further an action-oriented group in Geneva that will expand its positive impact and lead the way to new inspiring communities around the world.

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