Soul driven leadership

Six day course about building trust

Do you feel your organisation could do so much more?

But do you sometimes feel frustration, when:

  • Co-workers are disengaged and resistant to change.
  • Departments work in silos.
  • Talented people leave and it is hard to attract new ones.

‘We have tried so many different things. Why does it not work?’

This is what we at soul.com regularly hear. Different methods have been tried: an agile way of working, different leadership programs or restructuring the organisation. They all improve the organisations a bit, yet rarely lead to fundamental changes and long-term results.

The root of the problem: a lack of trust

After more than 20 years of experience, we learned that the root of the problem is a human issue: lack of trust.

In companies where trust forms the basis, we see:

  • Intrinsically motivated co-workers.
  • Knowledge being shared freely.
  • Personal initiative to make a difference.
  • Talented people at work.

you cannot solve problems
with the same level
of consciousness that created them.

A. Einstein

How can you build trust?

Building trust starts with one first step: developing a new mindset.

To help co-workers see themselves and their organisation with new eyes. A mindset that seeks new possibilities. Nurtures a desire to contribute.

The Soul Driven Leadership course helps you build the capacities to create an environment of trust and learning. Join the next course:

September 24th-26th and October 29th-31st 2018.

Location: The Netherlands.

a place where people
are drawn together
around a common purpose,
is what we call a community.

What you will learn during this course

Better listening

You’ll learn to listen deeply to what others say, so that you have a better understanding on how to support others effectively

Meaningful conversations

You’ll learn how to engage in meaningful conversations, so that people become participants of a process of change instead of spectators

Culture of collaboration

You’ll learn how to promote a culture of collaboration and mutual trust within your organisation

A shared understanding

You’ll learn to create a shared understanding amongst groups of people, instead of imposing your own views to others

Systematic learning

You’ll be better able to learn systematically, so that you can transform your organisation into a leaning organisation

“I have seen people change radically for the better! Leadership shifted from ‘active leading’ towards ‘facilitating’. People learned to listen more instead of just talking. People shifted from compliance towards commitment.


The most important result I have seen is that people from all layers of the organisation become participants of a process of change instead of spectators. The change now comes from within the people; within the organisation.“


Sjoerd Luteyn,
Course developer at soul.com

Is this course for me?

This course is definitely for you, if:

  • You wish to affect your organisation for the better.
  • You want to learn from like-minded people from other companies.
  • You are open to reflect and learn about the impact of your actions inside your organisation.

All change starts with personal initiative,

without this, nothing happens.

Curious about the program?

Ask someone who’s done it!

“The course was very inspiring. It has given me new insights, and a much better focus on my role as director. On Monday, back at the office, I was able to put into practice many new insights. I still learn more and more every day!”

“Soul Driven Leadership has enriched our dialogues and brought the teamwork in our organization to an even higher level. I have noticed the difference in my daily meetings already.”

“We discovered and explored  notions such as community, transformation, trust, meaningful conversation, volition & action. Within the group such trust was built that conversations were brought to a whole new level.”

Practical information:

  • Dates of the course:
    September 24th-26th and October 29th-31st 2018
  • Language: English.
  • Location: the Netherlands.
  • Costs: € 5.600, including: accommodation, meals and materials.
  • It is best to participate with one or more colleagues.
    But feel free to come by yourself!

About soul.com

Our purpose is to inspire, train, and accompany millions of people to contribute towards one central aim: to make the world work 100% for humanity. We do this by empowering people to make their daily work meaningful and to transform their companies into communities.

Our approach is focused on capacity building through training programs, workshops, coaching and consulting services that are based on a more accurate reading on the reality of man. We do not view a human being as homo economicus, who is driven by material gain alone. Instead, we recognise the power of the human spirit to love, learn, cooperate and serve.