Our Framework

To enable thousands, nay millions of people to direct their energies towards making the world work for 100% of humanity, we urgently need an intellectual breakthrough in the paradigm of business and what it means to work. The assumptions underlying the role of companies will need to be challenged and a new work ethic will need to emerge that allows people to live a coherent and meaningful life.

Some fundamental concepts that shape the way we think and act:

Unity is both the means and the goal
There is one crucial condition that determines our success and being able to serve our purpose. This is when decisions are made in absolute unity when everyone wholeheartedly agrees and supports the next steps forward when we sincerely say and confidently do: YES! We become like a magnet attracting confirmations and abundance. Our volition is, therefore: to be wholeheartedly united in our decisions, both in words and in deeds. We recognize the importance of dialogue, clarifying issues, and resolving new questions. Indeed, reaching shared understanding through consultation is the means by which we can strengthen our unity and promote a greater sense of justice. Read more about promoting unity at work.

Relationships based on trust are the most sustainable relationships
The transformation that we envision of companies requires a strong culture of trust between people. Indeed, it is the driving force that makes a community happen. Through listening, we are able to embrace the diversity of perspectives and experiences. Listening contributes to a safe and trusting environment where we can search for truth together and build greater unity. The more we are able to listen to others, the more we are able to help others. Indeed, listening is the foundation stone for building communities. Read more about promoting trust at work.

We learn things by doing things together
Learning by doing means that we follow a cyclical approach in which we Act, Reflect, Study and Consult. We do not focus on failure or success or assigning blame when things go wrong. In a world flooded with information and distractions, it is important for us to reflect regularly with each other on what we are doing and learning. Read more about how to continuously improve.

Capacity building lies at the heart of transformation
Capacity building is more than offering the occasional course or lecture, however inspiring they may be. Capacity building means to develop the ability to master a well-defined task or activity within the context of one’s work environment. It not only includes the acquisition of knowledge about a particular subject and the learning of new skills, but also the development of certain qualities and attitudes. As one develops more capacity, more complex tasks can be carried out.

We boldly share a hopeful future
Hope for a better future or a different reality is a prerequisite for individual action to make a difference. Without hope, inertia and mistrust grow. Our hopeful vision of organisations is helping us to arise to help shape a new paradigm. Communicating boldly what we believe in and stand for is central to our ability to affect change.

We see potential in every human being and organisation
When we look at “what is” and how people and organisations behave right now (with the apathy, cynicism or resistance that may exist), we lessen our hope and indeed our ability to act. It is essential for us to see with the lens of what is possible. As Victor Frank shared: “When we treat man as he is, we make him worse than he is; when we treat him as if he already were what he potentially could be, we make him what he should be.”

It all starts with personal initiative
We consider people to be in charge of their own learning process and advance at their own pace. It is through the individual initiative that change happens, the environment of trust is built and where hope further grows. When people are inspired by a vision of hope and as the commitment for action grows, it is only right to offer a space for people to take initiative and contribute so that they can develop their own potential.

Serving others makes us happy
Long-term well-being and prosperity are compromised by selfish short-term thinking. Indeed, our success is dependent on our focus to serve our collective goals and to see our work as service to others. Our concern is to do that which is in the best interest of our partnerships. Moreover, we are to help and serve each other in getting tasks done and building our own capacity. We constantly have to assess our intentions and to realign our actions to be of service to others. Read more about creating partnerships

We generate, apply, and disseminate knowledge freely and generously
We are engaged in accompanying a growing number of people in transforming their companies into communities. New insights and experiences are generated in various places around the globe. It is essential that the generated knowledge is being collected and shared for more people to benefit from that area. Being generous with our experience allows for more knowledge to be created and increasing our success.

There is no ‘other’
We redefine boundaries, not seeing people or organisations as ‘the other’, but recognizing we are part of one system. We may have a tendency to regard others as different from ourselves. The ability to see each other as being part of the same system and to oppress prejudices and feelings of superiority are key to our success. We are part of the same community that is contributing to a change in business paradigm.

We are creating prosperity and wellbeing for all
The notion of scarcity is an important obstacle in creating collective prosperity. When we believe that opportunities, money, and resources are scarce, we tend to see other as threats or competitors and we become more self-orientated. The task we have set for ourselves, to transform the paradigm of work and business, is so tremendous that it requires millions of people to actively work to make it happen. The field is vast and the purpose is great. Seeing through the lens of abundance enables us to create collective prosperity.

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