Webinar: creating a hopeful vision

what does it mean for your company to create a hopeful vision?

20 December 2018

Join our free live webinar and learn to create a hopeful vision.

In this special edition webinar we will share with you the hopeful vibes we felt in El Salvador!

In 2 weeks we trained 60 people in Soul Driven Leadership. And we were overwhelmed with their power and sense of hope. Every single one of them dared to embrace the unknown. And felt equipped to not only change their company, but start changing the society as a whole.

Be sure to join us next Thursday at 8PM!

  • Date: 20 December 8 PM CEST
  • Cost: free
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Sjoerd Luteyn is co-founder of soul.com. Over many years, he has developed the deep conviction that humanity has only just begun to tap into its potential.

About the change your workplace webinar

Every month, people from around the world come together, as part of a live event, to explore themes relevant to bringing positive change at the workplace. This space is called “Change Your Workplace”.

The conversations are facilitated by Martijn Kersten. They empower and support people like yourself in creating the required conditions for organisational transformation and to reflect on your own personal development.

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