Meaningful Breakfast Conversation Utrecht

15 February 2019

Transforming Companies into Communities

Friday February 15, Soul founder Sjoerd Luteyn will speak at the EBBF Meaningful Breakfast Conversation in Utrecht about Transforming Companies into Communities.

Questions we will be exploring are:

  • How can communities create conditions for social impact?
  • What can ‘service at the heart of the organizations’ really mean?
  • What are new ways to define success?
  • And how does that change how organizations responds to social challenges?

Location: Social Impact Factory Utrecht
Date: February 15
Time: 08:30 am – 10:00 am

The presentation will be a starting point for a meaningful conversation. You are welcome to join the conversation! You can register on Facebook or send a e-mail to

Sjoerd Luteyn is co-founder of Over many years, he has developed the deep conviction that humanity has only just begun to tap into its potential.