if we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming

– J. Von Goethe

Finding the Soul (FTS) is a series of workshops that enable you to discover the driving force of your organisation. Through a well-structured programme, FTS drills deep down to discover the identity of your organisation and align your work processes and business plans to timeless principles. FTS gets to the root of change management and mobilises what arguably makes human beings such a powerful species: community. Finding the Soul revives community.

Finding the Soul lays the ground work for a learning community to emerge. And if you have a community, you have an all-round game-changer: profit margins increase, retention of employees goes up, morale is boosted, teams enhanced, individuals are willing to run the extra mile, and among many other things purpose, meaning and narrative become the DNA of your organisation.

We refer to an anatomy of the Soul as: values, purpose, volition, capacities and actions.


Values make community happen. Values allow for social cohesion and bind people together around what is most important to them.


Purpose is a motivation outside and above you. It is what we call the extrinsic motivator. It transcends you and your organisation and pulls you to a greater good. The human body gives a higher purpose to an individual cell. The cell has its own metabolic concerns but is pulled to the transcendent good of the whole body. If your organisation has purpose it is aligning to the needs of humanity, to the needs of the biosphere, and perhaps to the needs of even higher orders of complexity. The outcome: meaning and meaningful action. If you have a meaning-driven organisation you have an ultimate organisation.


The Volition of an organisation leads to an internal reservoir of motivation. It is the subjective driver. It propels individuals to work with passion and from the heart and no-longer consider work as work but as service to society. The volition is also the mainspring of team motivation. It is at the heart of a excellent work-culture that inspires and encourages. We at soul.nl believe that this intrinsic motivator leads to happiness.