we are called to be architects of the future not its victims

Soul.nl accompanies companies in their transition from fighting for their own survival to becoming a purposeful community.


We recognize that today’s problems can never be solved by the same level of consciousness that created them*. Moreover, we can never change reality by fighting the existing systems, but instead have to make new models that make the old models obsolete**. Indeed, to solve the enormous challenges facing us we need to think and act differently.

We help companies to:

  • become a meaningful and soul driven company
  • unlock the innovative capacity within the company
  • develop a vision of hope for a bright and meaningful future
  • integrate purpose with a sustainable and scalable business model
  • build trust among employees and maximize employee engagement

* supposed to be a quote from A. Einstein.
** the famous quote from R. Buckminster-Fuller

Our offering

The process of building relationships of trust and creating partnerships is an ongoing one. It is through evolving interactions that cooperation and reciprocity increase. We envision a number of spaces where interaction and exchange of insights can take place.

Meaningful conversations

Open and frank conversations about what is going on in the company. This comprises one or more conversations that are inquisitive in nature. The purpose is to obtain a shared understanding on what is needed for progress to occur. These conversations can be seen as explorations of a new partnership.

Finding the Soul

Through a series of workshops, we will define the values, purpose and volition of the company. This creates a unified framework on which the vision, the strategy and the actions of the company can be built. 

Building a vision of hope

Together we study the complexity of the organisation. We move beyond the symptoms and patterns and identify the structures and mental models that underlie them. We generate a system map which allows us to have a better understanding of the dynamics of the organisation as well as its environment. Using our insights from such a systemic point of view, as well as the Soul of the organisation we can start making decisions about what kind of future we wish to create for the company.

Developing a Soul-driven strategy

The objective here is to pave the way to execute a vision of hope; in other words, to develop a strategy that will help us to make decisions on short-term and long term interventions in light of the Soul of the company.

Living the soul - facilitated

Based on learning by doing (Action – Reflection – Consultation), we offer a facilitated process of 13 weeks in order to execute a strategy. We accompany a group of co-workers in this process of change. Above the line we execute the strategy, below the line the group develops a new culture, based on the Soul of the company

Learning seminars

We are a learning community. From time to time we wish to select a theme underlying the process of transforming companies into communities and share our recent insights and experiences.

Creating partnerships

To be faithful to our purpose and philosophy, we had to radically rethink the concept of consultancy and how we relate to other companies. Indeed, the concept of sales with all its techniques and underlying attitudes fundamentally contradicts our core belief of cooperation and reciprocity. We therefore wish to distance ourselves from notions of “clients”, “pitching”, “negotiation”, “convincing”, “bidding”, “special offers” and the like. Instead, we wish to build relationships characterized by justice, truthfulness, and trust.


We establish meaningful partnerships – based on collaboration and reciprocity – with companies that wish to contribute to society and have a long-term perspective. Companies that truly wish to learn and become a community, rather than looking for a quick fix or pain relief. Such companies demonstrate ownership of their transformation process by allocating the necessary resources and time to it.

Companies we have partnered with