the outer form derives
it’s value from
the inner conditions

Relationships based on trust are the most sustainable ones. If our actions are just and our communication truthful, the result is trust. All communication should therefore build and foster trust amongst people.


The word ‘Communication’ shares its etymological root with the word ‘Community’: the origin is ‘communis’ or ‘common’ which means ‘belonging to all” or “to share”. To communicate is therefore more that just sending out information. It is an act of sharing. It requires an awareness of what binds/unites us, what we share with each other, what we have in common. It is an interaction in which we effectively express ourselves and listen to others.

We help companies to transform into communities through our communication products. We do this through the following:

  • Story telling: find and tell compelling and engaging stories that forge relations
  • Branding: develop a systematic and dynamic brand identity that reflects the Soul of the organisation
  • Employee engagement: develop communication as interaction and involve employees in building a strong community


Storytelling is meant to uncover deeper layers of experiences and to connect people around shared beliefs. It gives meaning to individual and collective actions. We help you to find and form your own unique narrative; verbally as well as visually. We design tools and strategies to share your story effectively.

Brand identity

Our community has its roots in developing brand identities.  We believe that the ‘outer form derives its value from the inner condition’. Our years of experiences have taught us that the starting point for a company is to identify the Sould of the organization. The Soul of the organisation can then be “translated” into a dynamic brand identity. All communication then flows from this dynamic and authentic identity.

Employee engagement

Employees often struggle to connect to the organisation’s purpose and to understand what is asked from them. Once employees truly believe what the company represents, an infinite amount of capacities will be unlocked. Creativity, productivity and commitment to accomplish the best possible outcome will become part of the organizational culture. To get to this level, communication as interaction is a condition.