education is not
the learning of facts,
but the training
of the ability to think

– Albert Einstein

How can I become an agent of change in my organisation? How can I improve the way I cooperate with others? How can I stimulate learning and cooperation within my company?

All change starts with personal initiative. Without this, nothing happens. But in order to be effective, you need to have the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to initiate and sustain a process of transformation.

In the Soul-driven leadership course you engage in an intensive 2×3 days capacity building process. There are six weeks between the two tracks, to allow you to apply the acquired capacities in your own environment. The main goals of this course are to understand the concepts that are fundamental to transforming companies into communities, to build the capacities to engage (effectively) in this process of transformation and to generate support in your organisation to move this process forward.

Topics that we will explore:

  •      connecting purpose to operation: making meaningful change happen
  •      developing a timeless vision for your company
  •      motivating and engaging everyone within your company
  •      building an innovation engine
  •      breaking existing habits and building new patterns of behaviour
  •      becoming a trustworthy company
  •      developing a process of learning

Two tracks

Besides acquiring knowledge, you will be encouraged to develop qualities, attitudes and skills to make real change happen in your organisation. After the first course track you will be asked to apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in your workplace. This experience will form the basis for the second track. Action is an essential component in everything we do!

The outcome

At the end of this course you are ready to become an agent of transformation in your company. You have developed the capacity to read the reality of your company, formulate its timeless Soul (values, purpose and volition) and define what is needed to live this Soul (capacities en actions). During the course you have learned the language of systemic change and transformation, and you have developed attitudes and skills required to promote this change within your organisation.

Come with co-workers

We have seen that it is rather challenging for only one trained person to make change happen in an organisation. You need allies in this process of change. We strongly recommend joining this course with at least one additional potential agent of change in your organisation.

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