education is not
the learning of facts,
but the training
of the ability to think

– Albert Einstein

The work environment in organisations can be placed on a continuum.  At one end where many organisations fall, they are characterised by disunity and unhealthy conflict, and an unhappy workforce that is resistant to change.  Along the continuum, organizations are characterised by less disunity and conflict. But very few organisations lie at the other extreme; their work environment is characterised by unity and cooperation where people continuously pursue collective learning, taking actions and initiatives that expands their collective capacity.  Any such organisation has succeeded in transforming itself into a community.  But how can an organization that lie anywhere on the continuum  move towards becoming a community?

Clearly, transforming an organisation into a community cannot be done by outsiders; it has to be done from within the company.  Each co-worker is a potential community builder, whose capacities can gradually be developed to set in motion a process of change and to assist others to grow. Our unique Soul Driven Leadership program has been created and developed for that purpose: to raise up a growing number of capable people to become agents of change within a company. The more staff members participate, the more effective the transformation process can become.

Soul Driven Leadership Course is a capacity building program

and contains courses that are connected to the different stages of transformation: from creating a new mindset, to creating a movement, to creating new models, to creating meaningful organizations.

Creating a new mindset

This transformation is a step by step process. It all begins by the creation of a new mindset, unlocking the belief that we can be the architects of our own future and releasing untapped individual and collective energies . Slowly but surely, these energies are channeled into actions and the learning starts to add up.

Creating a movement

With the new mindset, individuals will be willing to connect their heart and soul to the organisation.  This connection breathes a new life into the organization giving birth to the Soul Driven Leadership that becomes a guide for all actions and learning.  A movement is born and the reality of the organization is changed from within. A strong culture of collaboration and unity emerges, and people learn to accompany one another.

Creating new models

The third stage in the process of transformation is characterized by creating new conceptual and organisational structure models.. These models will result in a movement that will transform the organisation into a community; this community  safeguards the process of transformation and its outcome the company, its co-workers, customers, and society at large.  Unity, cooperation, learning and action become common practice.


Creating meaning

In this final stage this new community is to become a learning community. Reinventing the organisation is not a process triggered by external forces, but it becomes an intrinsic process driven from within the organisation. Employees have become community architects and act accordingly.

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