make no search for water but find thirst, and water from the very ground will burst

– Rumi

We believe in living a coherent life. We are the same person whether at work or at home. Finding meaning therefore applies to work as well as to home.

In our one day workshops you learn more about yourself. You reflect on what gives meaning to your life and your actions. The objective is to unlock your capacity for positive change and to help you start a journey of personal transformation.

The workshop is designed in two tracks: the morning track combines an introduction to the concepts underlying Soul-driven leadership with the workshop “Finding the Soul”. The afternoon track connects this approach to a specific topic from our daily (work) lives: from purpose to practice.

Morning: Finding the Soul

The Finding the Soul session for individuals is a fixed track of the workshop. In this track you will discover your own purpose and volition in life and work. To find these you will make use of your own stories and experiences.

Topics that we will explore:

  •      building relations based on trust
  •      what is meaningful work / a meaningful life?
  •      having a purpose in life
  •      how to unlock your willpower (i.e. volition)
  •      doing what you love to do; what makes you flourish.
  •      knowing what drives you / what motivates you.
  •      why, how and what

Afternoon: each time a different topic to further explore how you can live your purpose

Specific topics that are planned:     

Our one day workshops are open for everyone and are focused on individual capacity building. You do not need to have prior knowledge of our approach – it just needs to speak to you. 

Follow up

When you have participated in a our one day workshop you can continue learning in our community. You can subscribe for the afternoons of our one day workshops, without following the morning session.

We are about to launch online conversations in which you can participate. During these online conversations we reflect collectively in order to further enhance and sharpen our personal insights (i.e. purpose and volition). Read more

And, when you are really on fire and want to become a skilled agent of change in your company, consider enrolling in our Soul-driven leadership course. This is a course of 2×3 days that prepares you to start a process of organizational transformation. Read more


The price for each one day workshop is € 99,-. The location is our studio, next to Central Station in Rotterdam. Maximum number of participants per session is 20. The language is Dutch. Lunch and refreshments are included.


We can also organise one day workshops in-company. Please drop us a line if you are interested to offer your co-workers one of these inspiring workshops.