the word listen
contains the same
letters as the word silent

– Alfred Brendel

A conversation that is meaningful makes us happy. It helps us gain new perspectives and inspires us to make positive changes in our lives. Meaningful conversations elevate the soul, challenge assumptions, reorient perspectives, expand consciousness and focus our energies. They lie at the heart of community building and create trust and fellowship among people.

By participating in our conversation evenings you will learn how to initiate and facilitate meaningful conversations and thus to effect changes in your environment. You will learn how to converse in a way that uplifts and inspires with your colleagues, manager and clients, with your partner, neighbors and children, even with strangers.

Diverse audience

We aim to have a diversity of participants. Whether you are an employer, employee, entrepreneur, freelancer, head of HR, strategist or student, all participants are considered equal and build on the body of knowledge and insights brought to the table. The conversation is reflective in nature, allowing each to draw his/her own conclusions. It is a participatory exchange rather than a one way ‘sit-down-and-listen’.

Six themes

Our open meaningful conversations sessions are held six times per year. Each session has a unique theme that is relevant to the process of community building in a company. The theme is introduced by a facilitator who also structures and guides the conversation.

Our conversation evenings are free of charge and can be held in Dutch or English.

We will start with our conversation evenings on 23 February 2016.

Stay tuned