there is nothing in a caterpillar that is going to tell you it is going to be a butterfly

– R. Buckminster Fuller

How can our company become a community? How can we start learning together instead of operating in our separate silos? How can we include our clients and suppliers in our community?

Transforming a company into a community cannot be done from the outside. The process starts with a handful of individuals who, in an organic and natural way, can initiate and sustain a process of transformation within the organisation. Such individuals have a heightened awareness of what it means to operate as a community and are able to accompany others in this process. Building a community starts small, but has a lasting impact.

Our Soul-driven leadership seminar trains you to become an agent of change in your organisation. But reality is not a school book. It is all about practice, including the challenges and frustration that come with it. That is why we offer the “community builder programme”. This is where ideas become a reality, where transformation is not a word, but (a process of) actions upon actions.

Act, Reflect and Consult

During the community builder programme you and your colleagues (preferably at least two) engage in a journey to drive transformation in your company. Every month you will join a group of peers during half a day for a meeting accompanied by one of our facilitators. During this meeting you will reflect on actions taken, discover patterns and assumptions operating in your company and discuss what are the next steps to take. You learn from your own action as well as from your peers’ (possessive form).

Additional study days

Every three months there is a half day educational meeting designed to enhance your capacities to transform your company into a community. In preparation for this meeting you will receive a whitepaper that forms the basis for the meeting, which can be shared within your company.

Your mentor

Besides these meetings, you will have the support of a mentor: an experienced person who helps you to reflect on the processes of transformation in your organisation.

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The annual fee per person for the community builder program is € 5,000 . This fee is inclusive of… 

Come with allies

From our experience we have observed that it is very difficult for organisations to effect change when just one person is driving it. You need allies in this process of change. We therefore strongly suggest joining this course with at least one other potential change agent from within your organisation.

Next steps

  • apply for an intake session; plan an introduction meeting with one of the facilitators (by phone, online or face to face in our office)
  • read about our approach on learning

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