become the driving force
of meaningful change

We aim to build capacity in individuals to become soul-driven leaders who can launch the transforming process of community building with those around them. Learn the ways of a community builder by participating in our classrooms.


We recognise that every organisation has the potential capacity to become a community. We are convinced that the people themselves who are part of the company know the best answers to the challenges they are facing. One can, of course, always call for an ‘expert’ to come in, give advice on what to do and then leave.

What is more sustainable and rewarding, however, is to unlock the capacity to learn and cooperate within the organisation.

System failure?

Unfortunately, the structures and systems that have been created in organisations throughout the decades have stifled our innate ability to cooperate and learn together. Most of us are encouraged to compete with others in the workplace, to stick to our job description, and to focus primarily on “what’s in it for me?” instead of looking at the company’s needs. Certain notions, such as humility, service, and sharing, are deemed impossible and discouraged.

Learning new capacities

In a way, we have forgotten how to effectively work together, how to create unity in diversity, and how to encourage and support each other. These are a few of the capacities that need to be developed step by step, in an environment that appreciates and nurtures their manifestation.

Some of the topics in our classrooms include:

  • How can you become purposeful in your life and work?
  • How do you become an effective member of a team ?
  • How do you create a safe environment where people are enabled to learn?
  • How can you help others to develop and advance while still getting the work done?
  • How do you create relationships of trust between people or companies?

Read about our approach to capacity building and our perspective on education

Our offering

Our classrooms have different levels of engagement. You can take part in our “open conversations evenings”, join “one day workshops” around specific topics, ignite yourself in our 2×3 days “soul-driven leadership course”, or engage in our annual “community building” program.


meaningful conversations

In our free-of-charge conversation evenings, we explore different topics that concern work, organisational change and society in the broadest sense. The goal is to learn with and from each other about a variety of topics. (starting in 2016).

One day


In our one day courses you you engage in a process of self discovery. You reflect on what gives meaning to your life and your actions. The objective is to unlock your capacity for positive change and to help you start a journey of personal transformation.

2x3 days

soul-driven leadership course

In 2×3 days you will learn what it takes to build a community in your company. You will build capacities, open up the conversation and start the process of meaningful transformation.

year program

community building program

When you really want to make change happen… you need to take action. So, our yearly program “community builder” is an accompaniment program that helps you make change happen in your company.