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This month’s webinar: rethinking leadership.

25 Oktober 2018, 08.00 P.M.

The needs of our time requires a complete rethinking about leadership. Leaders are not people who know-it-all, who are inspirational and charismatic, or who tell others what to do.

Instead, leadership is about:

  • being able to create unity in a group.
  • enabling others to use their talents and capacities for one common goal.
  • learning together.

In this webinar we will explore a new type of leadership that is emerging and learn from different experiences.

Rethink leadership, join now!

Join us in this free live event on 25 Oktober 08.00 PM CEST. You are welcome to join, it’s free of charge.

About the change Your Workplace webinar

Every month, people from around the world come together, as part of a live event, to explore themes relevant to bringing positive change at the workplace. This space is called “Change Your Workplace”.

The conversations empower and support people like yourself in creating the required conditions for organisational transformation. And to reflect on our own personal development.

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