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“Agents of Change” is a training programme for people who wish to learn how to positively change their own workplace and make it more meaningful. You learn how to take small steps, how to engage in meaningful conversations, how to involve others and learn together. This training helps you to promote a culture at work where people help, support and learn together.


To be an agent of change means that we strengthen our capacity to have a positive influence on our workplace. To learn about meaningful work implies learning in action. Instead of theorising about what it may look like, we need to take action and translate ideas into practice.

The Agents of Change group offers a safe learning environment, filled with encouragement and collaboration where we can build our own capacity to contribute to meaningful change at our workplaces. We invite you to join our Agents of Change group in Utrecht and be part of the learning community!

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Most work is collaborative in nature. This requires people to share information, discuss challenges, come up with new ideas and take decisions together. Having meetings from time to time can help our collaboration. Yet, meeting each other can also take a great deal of time and become rather boring and costly. An important question, therefore, is how can we make our meetings both joyful and effective?

Now that many of us are also having online meetings, we can also learn together how to have effective and joyful meetings online.

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Agents of Change community Event (16:00-18:00 CET)

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Topic: creating a work-life balance

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Are you interested in joining the Agents of Change programme in Utrecht? Then become a member of the global learning community. Please subscribe now! Guests are always welcome.

As a community member, you are part of the global community. Your membership consists of a yearly fee. With your membership, the community offers you:

  • participation in the local Agents of Change training programmes (at least 6 times a year);
  • opportunity to join other Agents of Change groups around the world;
  • access to an online platform with knowledge sharing, conversations, knowledge library and online study groups;
  • access to network of people who are active Agents of Change;
  • the opportunity to contribute to reshaping the world through meaningful work.

Besides a yearly membership, you are asked to contribute to the local costs for venue and refreshments. All participants are also expected to contribute in kindness and be generous in their time, commitment, sharing of experiences and insights, and listening.

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* All membership options give the exact same access to everything the Learning Community offers. With the membership fee, we keep on developing new materials, content for the platform and develop learning mechanisms. Some members would like to contribute more, this is your opportunity. Please note that all options are non-refundable




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