Our values

We search and cling to truth

We wish to go to the core of a problem, to understand its roots, and not to be content with easy or familiar answers. Our desire to search for truth expresses itself in being open and frank in our conversations and to create a safe place where we can challenge our assumptions and discover new horizons. If something doesn’t feel right, it is our duty to share constructively and not to remain silent.

We are courageous

Even if we swim against the stream, we have to be courageous in our actions and confidently stand for what we belief. Even when our choices go against the short term needs, we do that which is right.

We act with certainty

When we decide upon something, we wholeheartedly and immediately implement it to our best of our ability. We are clear and focussed on what needs to be done and act with determination.

We are friends

It is our friendship that binds us together and makes our community happen. We laugh and have fun together. We are friends because our relationships are based on trust and not on competition. Friendship doesn’t mean that we have to know each other thoroughly, but that we care for each other.

We act with a humble posture of learning

We learn by doing. We make mistakes, but reflect on our actions and decide in unity on our next steps. Having a learning attitude means developing a sense of humility. The word humbleness finds its root in ‘earth’; low to the ground. It means we do not position ourselves above others. It means we see others as equals and respect each other’s position and perspective.

We are attracted to beauty

Attraction to beauty implies striving for excellence in our work and to make the outcome as beautiful as possible. It is seeing and understanding the deeper meaning of something that makes it beautiful and to bring this out into reality. This relates to ourselves and in others. It is about seeing what can be, instead of what is. Seeing beauty also means not judging (too) much.

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